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Astor Schneider Nutritionist in Zurich

Faster, higher, stronger with Ayurveda

Changing to an Ayurvedic diet helped me gain more strength and health both physically and mentally. Astor Schneider

As a professional athlete, good health was always important to me. My sporting career took me from Judo to Kickboxing to American football. Getting to know Ayurveda was a key moment for me. With the right diet I was able to significantly increase my athletic performance. Since then, I have been combining Ayurvedic wisdom with sport and am passing on this profound knowledge by way of personal counselling sessions.

Education and training

American football


Three questions to Astor Schneider

How did you come across Ayurveda?

The first contact I had with Ayurveda was approx. 15 years ago, when I first underwent an Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis. When I switched to a vegetarian diet a few years later, I engaged with the subject more intensively. Shortly after, I did an education as an Ayurvedic nutritionist and health advisor at the European Academy of Ayurveda.

Why did you decide to have an Ayurvedic diet?

In sports, a balanced diet and lifestyle is of utmost importance. During my career I have tried out many types of diets. However, only my switch to an Ayurvedic diet ultimately helped me to gain more strength and health both physically and mentally. This motivated me to fully integrate the Ayurvedic lifestyle into my life. Ever since, I love preparing Ayurvedic meals – and if I don’t cook them myself, I enjoy the fantastic cuisine of the Mohini restaurant in Zurich.

What are the advantages of an Ayurvedic diet?

Ayurveda is based on natural laws. It is neither temporally, locally nor culturally bound and is therefore applicable to everyone. Regardless of whether it is a vegetarian, vegan or mixed cuisine, this concept can be applied to any type of diet and cuisine. With its deep and authentic understanding of life, Ayurveda grants us the ideal conditions for happiness and health.

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