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Holistic nutrition counselling Better performance with the right diet

Natural foods to strengthen your muscles? Wholesome meals for weight loss? Valuable tips on how to stay healthy and achieve more? Ayurveda offers all of this.

What is your goal?

You can achieve your goals with a natural diet. What are you focussing on?

Are you interested in muscle development? Ayurveda recommends foods with moist and cooling qualities as they have a tissue-structuring effect. They help you to build the required muscle when correctly combined and consumed at the right times during the day.

Are you aiming to reduce body weight? This is supported by foods and spices with a spicy, bitter flavour which also have ‘heating’ qualities.

Would you like to improve your physical and mental performance in general? The Ayurvedic daily and seasonal routines will support you in this.

The optimal use of foods consumed is crucial for fulfilling your objectives.

As part of my counselling, I therefore focus on the development and maintenance of an efficient digestive process. The targeted use of foods and spices, prepared according to Ayurvedic principles, supports and promotes this.

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Nutrition counselling

Aimed at people who want to eat healthily and live a lifestyle which supports them in their goals. After a detailed discussion of your medical history, goals and possibilities, we will create your personal diet plan together.

You will receive

  • Personal advice: We will optimise your diet and strengthen your health
  • Your new menu: We will create a menu that is specifically tailored to your needs
  • Start your routine: Your daily routine plan to increase your physical and mental performance
  • Lists with foods: Learn which foods are beneficial for you and which ones you should avoid
  • And many more tips on nutrition, sport & health


CHF 130 I 60 min

The initial consultation lasts 90 minutes, after which you can expect around two to three follow-up consultations over a period of one to three months. We determine your programme together.

SCHNEIDER AYURVEDA is EMR certified. Consultations can be billed via optional add-on insurance for alternative medicine. Please clarify this with your health insurance company in advance.

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