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Ayurvedic nutrition A diet that suits you

In Ayurveda, we follow nature. Adapting a diet and lifestyle based on nature’s rhythm will help you to remain in good health and shape.

The Ayurveda concepts

According to Ayurvedic philosophy, everything in the cosmic manifestation is composed of the properties of five elements – ether, air, fire, water and earth. Different compositions of these elements create the three models Vata, Pitta and Kapha. They control and regulate all natural processes, including those of our body. Ayurveda aims to keep these finely tuned models in balance in order to promote health and prevent disease. You can achieve this with a healthy lifestyle and the right diet tailored to your constitution.



The properties of the elements ether and air create the Vata model. It is light, cool and agile and embodies the principle of movement.

People with a pronounced Vata are characterised by quick comprehension, creativity and flexibility. They usually have a slim physique. Vata types need food with oily-warming properties and should follow a regular daily routine.



Pitta represents transformation. This model is characterised by heat and moistness due to its dominant elements of fire and water.

Pitta constitutions are ambitious, resolute and fearless. An athletic physique of medium stature is another characteristic. Bitter foods with cooling properties, as well as balancing, moderate activities are beneficial for this type.



The structural principle is symbolised by the Kapha. The predominant elements are water and earth. Its characteristics are cool, gentle, heavy and stable.

Kapha types are strongly built, tolerant, and dependable. Spicy, light foods will be beneficial to them. Getting up early and regular physical activity support the balance of this constitution.

The specific aspects and modes of action of Vata, Pitta and Kapha accompany us throughout our lives. Knowing them and living according to them is key to maintaining and promoting your health. Together we will explore your individual constellation and adjust your diet and lifestyle accordingly.

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This is how the Ayurvedic diet works

Meals cooked according to Ayurvedic principles offer variety, can be digested well and taste delicious. A comprehensive Ayurvedic menu consists of vegetables, grains and a source of protein and contains six tastes. This ensures that the body is supplied with all necessary nutrients. When preparing food, in addition to one’s own constitution, the time of day and the seasons are taken into account.

The concept can be applied to any cuisine or diet. Once adapted and internalised, this diet quickly leads to more strength, vitality and health.

When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.Ayurvedic proverb

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